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Our Mission 

To make snacks that are not only incredibly tasty, but incredibly good for you, too, with the love and care of made to order goods. 

We Believe

In using the highest-quality ingredients we can find;

In utilizing the natural power of superfoods and adaptogens;

In not having to decide between tasty and healthy;

In never using artificial sweeteners or refined sugars;

In making all of our products by hand;

In the importance of environmentally friendly business processes;

In empowering our customers and community to eat better doh.

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Our Story

We're Liselle and Matt. We live an active lifestyle. We hike, run, climb, snowboard, cycle and everything in between.

We got tired of having to make the choice between something you could eat on the go and something that was made of high quality ingredients. We were tired of having to compromise between something that was good for you and something that just tasted good. So, we started making our own snacks: bites to munch on while we were out on the trail, and cookies for chomping on afterwards.

As we experimented with different recipes, we realized that making food from natural, whole ingredients just tasted better. We realized that our bodies responded well to superfoods and adaptogens. We made our own cookies, truffles (truffs), and dough (doh). Before long, our friends and training partners were asking us to bring along extras. And the rest, as they say, is history.

We're stoked to share our favorite snacks and treats with you! Check out the links below to read more about our products and the premium ingredients we use.