frequently asked questions

What’s Nice Cream?

Nice cream is the nicest version of ice cream. It’s a luscious, plant-based non-dairy frozen dessert with real food ingredients, adaptogens, and zero added sugar, that just happens to be Paleo, Vegan, Gluten-free, and Whole30ish.

How is Goldie’s Nice Cream different from other non-dairy frozen desserts I know and love?

Unlike many non-dairy ice creams that either have a ton of sugar, or use artificial, processed sugars to keep their sugar grams down, but sweetness up, we only use dates. A real, grown-on-a-tree fruit that provides lots of delicious, but unquestionable sweetness.

We are the first brand to make a base with seeds, and instead of using pre-made milks with stabilizers and very small amounts of actual seeds and lots of water, we make our base from scratch and include a boat-load of seeds, so that your treat is truly nutrient dense.

How do I find out about new flavors and deals?

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What is XYZ ingredient and why did you use it?

Detailed information about all of our ingredients is listed on our ingredients page. Let us know if you have specific questions beyond that, and we'll help you out. 

Why don’t you ship Goldie?

Shipping ice cream is scary! It’s crazy expensive, and we want to offer you the best deal, which is buying our nice cream in stores. We also strive to provide the best version of our product, and shipping often leads to quality risks, like milkshakes (though we love a good milkshake).

Why do you use gums?

Good question. This is something we’re actively exploring how to reduce and/or eliminate, but in the meantime, here’s why:

gums are a critical part of non-dairy formulation in particular. They help they reduce ice crystal growth, air bubble size, slowdown melting so we can distribute nice cream, increase smoothness and creaminess without adding more sugar (you basically have to choose!), and they help extend the shelf life of our product, which is essential for us to be able to collaborate with retailers so you, our wonderful customer, can purchase our product. That being said, there are a wide spectrum of gums, and we use the best. We only use plant-derived gums that are naturally extracted from whole seeds: locust bean gum, which comes from the seeds of the Carob Tree, guar gum from the guar plant seed, and tara gum - from the Peruvian carob tree.