it’s just right.

We wanted a plant-based treat that was delicious, but didn’t taste like an “alternative”, or have questionable ingredients. When we couldn’t find one, we made our own. We’re reimagining well-loved, classics with nutrient-rich ingredients - so you don’t have to settle.

We start with a luscious blend of creamy, fiber & mineral rich pumpkin seed milk, and naturally sweet dates. Next, we add a blend of real flavors and powerful adaptogenic magic. We finish each flavor with plant-derived natural gums, so our ice cream can make it to shelves, and make it to you. 

powerful ingredients

Seeds are a nutrient powerhouse, and are, when compared to their counterpart, nuts, not a major allergen and far more sustainable. When it comes to liters of water required to produce a kilogram, almonds require more than 10x the water than pumpkin seeds. In general, seeds are a far more sustainable crop, often sustained with rainfall and less care, as well as full-plant use. Pumpkin seeds are a rich, complete protein, packed with minerals and vitamins. Read more about the function and power of Dirt on our ingredients page.

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adaptogenic magic

We include a small, but meaningful dose of an adaptogen in every flavor. Adaptogens are real roots, herbs, and mushrooms that are super functional - they’ve been studied for centuries and shown to help the body mentally and physically in ways such as boosting energy, managing calmness, and overall balance.

Adaptogens aren’t a woo-woo fad - they’re all real-food ingredients that develop strong compositions, often times because of how and where they’re grown, which can be transferred when consumed. Some adaptogens have been scientifically studied for a long time and been included in medicine you’ve likely been taking since you were a child, like cordyceps and ginseng. Others have been tried and loved for just as long all around the world and in Eastern medicine, like turmeric, maca, and moringa.

Adaptogens are one of the ways in which we chase our philosophy of delicious & better-for-you being in harmony.